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Geological Services

At Bobuv Nigeria Limited, We have model facilities deployed for the systematic investigation of the geology beneath the Earth for the purpose of creating a geological map or model.


At Bobuv Nigeria Limited, We provide tailor-made consulting services across the full geological spectrum: We employ high calibre Senior Geological Consultants and use our on-affiliations to help support our team providing unique geological solutions anywhere in the world.

Geophysical Services

At Bobuv Nigeria Limited, We provide exclusive and non-exclusive 2D and 3D Electrical sounding data, gravity and magnetic data on any geological terrain.

Geotechnical Services

At Bobuv Nigeria Limited, Our geotechnical services provide you with a diverse range of analyses for both surface and subsurface exploration of your site. We can assess how earth materials will interact with your proposed construction and identify the potential risks to humans, property and the environment.


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